Successful Sports Day

Scotty the Piper winner of the darts takes on table tennis winner Mini Ridd

ETA held a very successful Sports day on Saturday at the Ballroom in Meadowbank. There was an impressive turn out of members and friends of members. Various competitions were run throughout the day including a massive game of killer pool with 26 entries. Charlie Kane did a fantastic job organising and keeping the tournaments going although there were a few games of darts that had to end nearest the bull as the chances of either player hitting a double was almost non existent. At the end of the day there were 4 very worthy winners, with a special mention to Aidan Riddell who was very dominant in the Table Tennis.

Other highlights were Glenn hitting 140 with reverse darts; Stevie Cook’s ability to go in off at pool; Chopper taking out 20, 25, Bull in round the clock darts; the table tennis match between Lynn and Neil; Tin hat’s mental betting slip and Charlie Kane getting through the presentation of prizes without swearing, see the video below. Thanks to everyone for coming along and it is definitely something we are likely to do again.

Competition Winner
Pool Greg Malcolm
Killer Pool Ian Doig
Table Tennis Aidan Riddell
Darts Hugh Scott