ETA Disco In-Furlough

We hope you are all safe and well and not going too stir crazy.

Are you feeling locked down? Suffering from cabin fever? Want to break free? Missing the TA banter? Well, you’re all invited to our exclusive ETA virtual shindig with all your favourite TA party tunes in conjunction with our friends at Silent Adventures (check them out on Facebook)

We’ve got the moves, the grooves and the anti-viral fun & games. All you need is Zoom. Bright dance rags, kilt & a wee bevvy is optional……everything in moderation! Join your ETA pals who are also in need of a mad night out in, without leaving your living room!

Come play this Saturday 2nd May at 9pm and bring the family. It’s completely free for all ETA members with the club picking up the tab!
We’ll send out a Zoom link over the next couple of days with full instructions.

For those who don’t know, Zoom is an app you can download on your computer, phone or tablet….and it’s free! It works better on your laptop but be sure to plug in a speaker to pump up the volume!*F