Edinburgh Tartan Army Constitution

Reviewed February 2024

  1. The name of the supporter’s club shall be Edinburgh Tartan Army Scotland Supporters Club.
  2. The purpose of the club will be to support the Scotland international football team wherever it plays.
  3. The club will be open to all members of the Scotland Supporters Club. The committee will periodically undertake a review of membership numbers and a limit may be placed on membership numbers.
  4. The membership fees will be £5 per month. The fees will be used to provide free transport for members to all home games. Fees will also be used to subsidise match tickets and club social functions as deemed appropriate by the committee.
  5. There will be a 11 person committee to run the club. The positions shall be Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, ATAC Rep, Social Organiser, Bus Convenor, Social Media and 4 Ordinary Members.
  6. Club funds will be held in a Bank Account and access to the funds will be by the treasurer and at least one other member of the committee, with spend agreed by the committee
  7. Members are asked to maintain standards of behaviour, which are acceptable at all times. If it is brought to the attention of the committee that a member displays behaviour, which is not deemed acceptable by the committee, a special meeting will be called to either reprimand or expel the member. Acceptable behaviour is that which is deemed normal within society. The club will not be obliged to repay membership to expelled members.
  8. Transport –
    • Buses to and from matches will leave at times agreed by the committee.
    • Alcoholic drink, smoking and drugs will not be permitted as it is against the law.
    • Non members bus fares will be at least £15
    • Members’ children will travel free if they are Under 16 or in fulltime education. The fare for children of non-members will be at least £5
    • Any member who fails to turn up for a bus or who cancels after the deadline on two occasions will be charged non-member rates for one year.  This will be at the discretion of the committee.
  9. Edinburgh Tartan Army Scotland Supporters Club shall join other supporter bodies if the committee deem it appropriate.
  10. There shall be an Annual General Meeting at which the committee shall stand for re-election. This meeting should be held in January.
  11. Regular meetings shall be held.
  12. The committee providing there is a quorum of seven committee members at committee meetings can take decisions.
  13. The members providing there is a quorum of eleven members at members meetings can take decisions. Any financial decisions require to be ratified by the committee.
  14. The financial year of the club shall run from 1 December until 30 November and the Treasurer will be required to produce an income and expenditure statement for approval by members at the Annual General Meeting.
  15. Changes to the Constitution can only be made at the AGM or an Extraordinary General Meeting.
  16. Extraordinary General Meetings can only be called by a minimum of 15 members giving 14 days’ notice.
  17. A straightforward majority will make all decisions at meetings.
  18. Any member found ticket touting, selling tickets for above their face value, will be expelled from the club.
  19. The joining fee for the club will be £20.