#Ecksit Delay Unacceptable

Two weeks on from one of the worst results in the history of the Scottish national team, there has been a deafening silence from the Hampden Park offices of the SFA.  The feelings of the Tartan Army remain resolute.  Alex McLeish needs removed from his post before irreparable damage is done to this qualifying campaign.  It may already be too late but if we are to turn around our fortunes then this has to take place with a dynamic and forward-thinking manager with a clarity of vision.

Perhaps the SFA have taken a view that the furore following the Kazakhstan debacle would subside once the back pages started to be filled with the fallout from recent club matches.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Match tickets for the 2020 home qualifiers were released for public sale this week.  The SFA need to make a decision that will re-engage supporters with the national team in a bid to shift these briefs.

A managerial change is essential.  We can’t afford to continue with Alex McLeish as he bumbles from one troubling episode to another. 

The Chief Executive has an opportunity to show leadership and to take us forward.  The first step of this journey needs to see the removal of Alex McLeish from his current post.

Enough is enough. 

#Ecksit Now