Scotland v Argentina

The June meeting of ETA will take place this Wednesday evening, 19th June 2019, at the Mercat Bar, 28 West Maitland Street, EH12 5DX . The meeting will start at 7pm prompt so we are finished in time to watch Scotland’s 3rd group game in the Women’s World Cup against Argentina, kick off time 8pm in Scotland.

Everyone is welcome to join us for the meeting and/or for the match, see you Wednesday.

It is a must win game for the team if they want to stay in the tournament. A win guarantees Scotland 3rd place in the group but they may have to wait until Thursday to find out if it is enough. Draw or lose, we finish 4th and come home.

Group D: If Scotland beat Argentina they will finish on 3pts with at least a -1 goal difference. If Argentina win they will qualify, if it’s a draw Argentina will have a very small chance of qualifying and Scotland will be out.

All scenarios below assume Scotland win by 1 goal. 4 of the 6 3rd place teams qualify for the 2nd round. They line up as follows:

Group A: Nigeria finished on 3pts (-2 goal difference) Scotland will finish above Nigeria if they win.

Group B: China finished on 4pts (0) and have qualified, Scotland cannot pass them

Group C: 2 Two teams on 3pts, Brazil (+2) play Italy and Australia (0) play Jamaica. If either lose they will set a goal difference target for the remaining teams, if both draw or win Scotland cannot catch 3rd in this group. They play Tuesday

Group E: Cameroon will play New Zealand on Thursday both are 0pts (-3). If they draw or one team wins by 1 then Scotland will qualify but both teams will know the target winning margin they will require to qualify.

Group F: Chile (0pts -5) and Thailand (0pts -17) will play off for 3rd place. Chile will need to win by at least 4 goals to have a chance of catching Scotland, Thailand need snookers.